How do I get started?

Start by assessing your situation:

If you are still shopping for a vehicle:
This is the best time to form your Montana LLC. We can help you get your LLC started before you purchase your vehicles. This is the easiest way to purchase a vehicle and have it titled in your Montana Company’s name. Form your Montana LLC today by contacting our office now.

If you are financing:
Contact your financial institution and check if it will finance in the name of the Montana LLC. Not all banks will finance an LLC vehicle purchase. Dealerships may have financing available. (Keep in mind that Montana only allows the LLC name to appear on the title, no personal names are allowed.)Contact our office and we can refer you to finance companies with experience financing vehicles for LLC’s.

If you have already purchased or own your vehicles:
Call our office and we will talk you through the process of signing over the titles of your vehicle(s) to your new LLC. The hardest part will be picking the name for your LLC.

If you are not a U.S. Resident and/or are just visiting the U.S.:
Purchasing and registering your vehicles with a Montana LLC can save you thousands of dollars in sales tax and high registration fees Contact our office for more information and start saving today.

If you are a “Full Timer”:
A Montana LLC is the answer for you. Start saving money today by forming an LLC. When you own a Montana LLC you no longer pay the high registration fees charged by your current state of residence. The best part, you don’t need to come to Montana. Montana does not require you to change your driver’s license or have your vehicle inspected. Call our office to learn more.

If you already have an LLC:
If you already have an LLC and are tired of paying your current Agents high fees and hidden or inflated costs for every little thing, give our office a call. We will help you change from your current Agent. We are upfront and honest about our fees and we charge you the exact fees that we are charged.

Do I need an Attorney to set up my LLC?

No, the procedure of forming a Montana Limited Liability Company (LLC) is simple. The only requirements to form an LLC are to have: a Member, a Manager and a Registered Agent with a Montana address. That’s all; the process truly is that simple.

We have an attorney on retainer to confirm our documents are endorsed by the State of Montana, to advise us on the registration laws in your state and to answer any of your questions that need a legal response regarding Montana Law. Doing this keeps our information current and our expenses low.

Remember the Montana Attorney is only acting as your “Agent”. An attorney only licensed to practice law in Montana and not licensed to practice law in any other state, will not be able to represent you in your state of residence. If any problem does happen to arise, you will need an attorney in your home state, not Montana.

The Montana LLC is set up according to the Laws and Statutes of Montana, and has been approved by the Montana Secretary of State. This should be done before any transactions can be made using the LLC. Therefore a Montana Attorney is not necessary to set up the LLC. We recommend that you contact your Attorney, Accountant or Tax Preparer in your home state to confirm that a Montana LLC can save you money.

Is this a legal process?

Yes, as long as you follow the laws and statutes of your state you can save thousands of dollars on sales taxes and high registration fees. We are familiar with many states’ registration requirements and can advise you on how much money a Montana LLC can save you. Laws vary from state to state; call our office to speak with an experienced Registered Agent.

Is setting up an LLC a lengthy process?

No, after you have spoken to our office and have had all of your questions answered, the LLC process can be started. As soon as we have received all of the required documents and fees, we file the proper documents to have your LLC formed according to the State of Montana’s requirements. Montana’s approval of the name can usually be done in as little as 24 hours.

Do I have to purchase my vehicle in Montana?

No, you can purchase your vehicle in any state. Having the Montana LLC in place before the purchase takes less time when completing the paperwork. Contact our office as soon as you know you that you will purchase and we will help you set up your LLC. We encourage you to call our office with any questions you may have about purchasing your vehicle.

I don’t have a Motor Home, can I register my car or truck in the LLC?

Yes, you can register almost any vehicle you would like. The advantage of the Montana LLC is the sales tax savings on vehicle purchases and the low annual registration fees.

When will I get my Montana license plates and title?

As soon as we receive the title work we will process it through the Motor Vehicle Department (MVD) obtaining the registration and license plates; we then Priority Mail the plates and registration to the location of your choice. Most of our clients travel so we call you prior to sending the plates out for confirmation of the address.

If you need a temporary registration/license plate our MVD can provide a 30-day temp tag that can be emailed or faxed for your convenience.

When the Montana title for your vehicle arrives at our office, usually 4 -6 weeks after registration, we proof it for accuracy then contact you and confirm where you want the Montana title mailed.

Can I Pay by Credit Card?

Yes, we accept Visa, MasterCard and Discover. A processing fee will be charged for those who use a credit card to pay their fees. We understand that you are ready to start your new adventure, so as soon as we receive your payment and the required documents we start the company documentation to form your LLC.

Do I need to file a Montana tax return?

Not usually. Most clients use the Montana LLC only for registration of vehicles in Montana. If the LLC has no business activity, it would have no tax liability; therefore there would be no need to file a tax return. If the LLC does have business activity, call our office and speak to an experienced Montana tax preparer for a free consultation. You may also be able to write off the interest you have paid on your motor home as mortgage interest on a second home.

Do I need to get a Montana Driver’s License?

No, you do not have to get a Montana Driver’s License to operate your vehicle registered to your Montana LLC. You are allowed to keep your current driver’s license in your home state of residence. Keep in mind that the LLC is the resident of Montana, you personally are not. Therefore there is no need for you to change your driver’s license to Montana.

Will my vehicle need to be inspected?

No, Montana does not require vehicles to be inspected and you are not required to bring your vehicle to Montana. Montana may require an inspection if the vehicle’s identification number does not match the vehicle’s make and model information, a situation which rarely happens. This makes the Montana LLC the answer for many to save money on low registration fees.

Can I add other types of vehicles to my LLC?

Yes, Montana allows you to register your tow vehicle, motorcycles, ATV’s, boats, airplanes and many other vehicles. There is no limit on the amount of vehicles you can have in your LLC.

Why should I choose My Montana, LLC to set up my Company?

At My Montana, LLC we pride ourselves in taking care of our clients so they can enjoy their vehicles worry free. We take care of the State of Montana requirements by filing the Annual Report to keep your LLC in “Good Standing”. As well, we understand that you are possibly traveling; so, we keep track of your vehicles renewal status* and notify you in advance when your vehicle(s) need to have the registration renewed. In addition we record, document and retain a copy of all your Company vehicle transactions. We are pleased to provide you with the finest customer service and take pride in giving you professional quality work. Call our office today and join the thousands who have saved thousands!

*We do not rely on the Montana MVD to send out a renewal card, we track your vehicle in our records. This allows you to travel carefree and know that we will contact you in plenty of time to get the renewal taken care of so your license plates are always current.


The Glacier National Park Plate

Glacier National ParK Plate

Montana does have a variety of Specialty Plates offered by various state organizations.

Specialty plates will have additional costs to the standard plate.

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